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Tablet / iPad Sim Cards

Tablet / iPad SIM Cards

Now experience a World of benefits when travelling abroad with a Matrix SIM card on your iPad/Tablet PC. This SIM card will enable you to avoid the hassles of finding Wi-Fi zones or paying internet access price in hotels abroad thereby giving you peace of mind when travelling abroad. The service allows you to be constantly accessible on mail, surf the internet, schedule and coordinate appointments in the middle of meetings, raise approval request, log in orders, update business databases and stay connected to colleagues, friends and family through Facebook and Messenger Services - from anywhere, anytime without worrying about inflated bills.

What makes Tablet SIM Cards great?

  • Freedom to connect to internet anywhere
  • Economical than using SIM cards from abroad
  • Avoid the hassle of finding Wi-Fi zones in hotel abroad
  • Convenient: freedom to connect; anytime, anywhere
  • Excellent network connectivity
  • Billing in Indian Rupees
  • Various Data packages to choose from